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Nagaon Beach

Located on the shores of the Arabian sea, Nagaon beach is 9 km away from the Alibaug city centre. Lined with the subtle greenery of palms, betel, and Suru trees, the yellow stretch of the beach is most famous for its cleanliness. The silky sand of the Nagaon Beach is famous for a host of water-based adventure activities which you can enjoy here at a reasonable price.

Experience the life of the locals at the many homestays and resorts here, which make Nagaon Beach the perfect weekend getaway. The shore of Nagaon beach stretches for 3 km meeting the waves of the Arabian sea. Sunsets are especially picturesque here and an evening walk is a wonderful way to end your day at the beach. The beach shacks serving the finger-licking seafood is another amenity that Nagaon beach offers to its visitors. Nagaon beach is an important destination in Alibaug which attracts thousands of tourists owing to its tranquillity. It also acts as the central place for surrounding other beaches like Murud, Kashid, Akshi, Alibaug, Kihim and Mandva.

Kashid Beach

Located almost 30 km from Alibaug and situated on the coasts of Arabian Sea, Kashid Beach is famous for its beautiful clear blue water, white colour sand and lovely streams. One of the most popular and alluring beaches of Maharashtra, the Kashid beach comes with a promise of a perfect and relaxed beach holiday. The beach is outstretched across 3 Km and surrounded by shrubs and trees called Casuarina, which enhance the natural charms of this destination. A haven for nature lovers, Kashid Beach is the perfect weekend getaway away from the hustle and bustle of the city life

Murud Janjira Fort

About 21 km from Kashid Beach, this fort is surrounded by the turquoise colored waters of the Arabian Sea. Dating back to 15th century AD, built under the rule of Emperor Malik Amber, the ruler of Ahmednagar, the structure sports an enchanting entrance to the fort depicting a carving of a tiger trapped by six elephants.

The structure is known for the canons here. The fort was built in order to protect it from the pirates of the sea. Most parts of the Janjira fort have been adversely affected by the salty water of the sea, but it still holds its glory and grandeur together, making it a popular tourist attraction. Tourists can reach the Janjira Fort by availing row boat service. Tickets cost Rs 60 per head. Once inside the fort, you can hire a guide for about Rs 100 per head to know the history and significance of important things. Also try the coconuts sold near the fort.

Birla Mandir

Alibag after revdanda is a small village named 'Salav' on the alibaug – roha route. There is a temple on a hill top near Salav village. VikramIspatcompany, a part of Birla udyog group has built this temple called 'Birla Mandir'. This temple is between the VikramIspatcompany and its beautifully located residential colony. It is a temple built in pure milk white marble and its dome can be seen from a long distance also. It can be reached by road or by climbing the steps. While climbing the temple steps one is always mesmerized by the landscape. On both sides of the steps is green velvet carpet of grass and beautiful flowers which will keep you spell bound for a minute.

The temple has marble floors and the hall of the temple is open from all sides. The ceiling of the temple is transparent which allows free flow of air and ample of light to come in. On entering the temple there is a square shaped nave. The nave is also made of marble and is very beautifully carved. The beautifully carved idol of 'Ganapati' is placed the nave. The idols of 'Riddhi and Siddhi' are placed on both sides of idol. Around the nave are small temples of 'Radha-Krishna', 'Shiv-Parvati', 'Bhavanidevi' and 'Suryadeva'. In the garden next to the temple there is a statue of "Late Aditya Birla".

Kolaba Fort

The fort has a height of 25 feet and is at a distance of only 2 km from the Alibag Beach shore. The most interesting feature of the Fort is that despite being a part of a saltwater body, the fort has a fresh-water well. A temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha, built by RaghojiAngre in the year 1759, is also present in the Fort premises and is still worshipped by the fishermen from the area. The fort also has temples dedicated to Mahishasura and Goddess Padmavati. There are carvings of animals and birds present on the fort walls.TheAlibag Beach, Versoli Beach and the Akshi Beach are also located nearby and are the pristine, quiet ones.

During the time period of 1662, Kolaba fort was captured by Shivaji and its walls were strengthened to be used by Shivaji as one of his naval stations to keep an eye on the enemies. The construction of the fort was 19 March 1680 by Shivaji Maharaja. After the death of Shivaji in 1681, the construction was completed by SambhajiMaharaj. After Shivaji, the fort was given to KanhojiAgre under the treaty with Peshwa Balaji Vishwanath. Till date, it remains as one of the most prominent forts in Maharashtra.

Alibaug Beach

Located along the coast of the Arabian Sea, the Alibaug Beach is a picturesque stretch of sand situated in Maharashtra. Alibaug is a black-sand beach which offers the panoramic sight of the Kolaba fort from the shores. Amber sand lies underneath its coarser black counterpart, and its unique sight is further accentuated by the rocks that lazily lie around the entire landscape. The ruins of the fort are clearly visible from the Alibaug beach which can be easily accessed by waddling through the waters in low tides and a short boat ride during high tides. The beach is famous for its picturesque sceneries of sunrise and sunset that one must marvel when in Alibag. It is a great place to spend time in leisure while you marvel at the Arabian sea and landscapes of sunrise, sunset and the silhouette of the Kolaba Fort.

Kanakeshwar (for trekking)

Kanakeshwar is a nice place and famous for cool climate & especially bcoz of the old temple of Lord Shiva. The temple is situated on a small hill @ village Mapgaonabt 12 km frmAlibaug. The hill is almost 1200 feet high and one has to climb 700 – 750 steps to reach on top..

In the mid of the hill one can see NagobachaTappa (a Place of Snakes) and the famous step DevachiPayari. There is popular story abt this step that it was named bcoz it is said that God itself stepped here after the construction of the temple and the steps. The temple of Kanakeshwar is very beautiful; it is a Hoysal style structure built in 1764. A water tank, popularly known as Pushkarni, has water almost throughout the year..

The hill and the surroundings are pretty good to visit. One can see the hilly region & forest on the hill. The places to see near Kanakeshwar are Maruti Temple, Gaymandi (Sculpture of Cow), Temple of Devi Putrabai, Gaymukh and the plateau of Vyaghreshwar (a small temple of Lord Shiva), etc

Revdanda Fort

At a distance of 5 km from Korlai, 18 km from Alibaug and 15 km from Kashid, Revdanda Fort is an ancient Portuguese fort located at Revdanda in Raigad district of Maharashtra. The fort is located at the mouth of the Kundalika River.

Revdanda Fort, also known as RevdandaAagarkot, was built by Portuguese Captain Soj in 1558 CE. In 1740 CE, Revdanda along with the Korlai Fort came under Maratha kingdom as per the treaty signed by the Portuguese. Angres defeated the fort in 1817 CE but it came under the British Raj in 1818 AD.

The periphery of the fort is around 5 km. The entire fortification has two main doors one from north and the other from south. Of which the northern gate was for land connection and the southern gate was used as a passage to the sea. This route opens to the main sea through the Revdanda creek. Portuguese built a dock over here which had become non-existent over time. The north and south gate is connected directly by a long road made of stones. Now, only the western part of the compound has some relics of the ancient fort. The remaining portion has eventually become the Revdanda village with houses and patches of farmlands.